In TOI TOI We have only qualified drivers, who service toilet cabins. We cherish our clients, and for our well done job they are cherish us.

TOI TOI has 15 years of experience working in Ukraine and 30 years of experience working in Europe. We are the only one company in Ukraine, who adapted European standards to Ukrainian market.

How many toilet cabins do we need to lease?

There is a table we designed specially for you, to help you calculate how many cabins you need to lease, depending on frequency of servicing — cleaning — the cabin and depending of how many people would use it.

Once a week Twice a week
1 — 15
15 — 30
30 — 45
45 — 60
60 — 75
75 — 90

What is minimal frequency of service?

We recommend to service bio toilets once a week, according to the European standards as an optimal frequency.

If the number of persons who use the cabin isn’t much and there is the fulfilment of some special conditions, like deodorizing substances, then it’s possible to take service less than once a week.

Does a bio cabin become frozen in the winter?

Regarding to our experience and practice, any bio toilet cabin become frozen if the temperature is 20 °C below zero.

There are plenty discussions and researches about this situation, but one thing is clear: if the period of service of a bio toilet is once a week or less, cabin is surely will become frozen. That is why we highly recommend to serve the cabin at least 2 times a week, during the winter season.

Who is organize and who is pay for transporting mobile toilet cabin from one site to another?

We are transporting cabins of our clients from one site to another by our car and our driver. You, as a customer, the one who pays for the service.


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